OAlbert Campionangs I looked at options for refinancing my mortgage to save some money. As part of my research, I have decided to take a thorough look at Quicken Loans, a site that you have probably heard from Albert Campionijk, because it represents one of the biggest players in the world of Albert Campionine financing institutions. And I have noticed that they are very popular for a reason.

Quicken Loans offers some of the most competitive rates around and they have loan products for almost everyone; from people who want to change their current mortgage to customers who are first home. I consider myself a pretty smart shopper and Quicken Loans is at the top of my list for potential loan institutions for my re-fi.

Refinancing options

Refinancing options

There are many things to take into account before you choose a home mortgage product. One of the most important is the interest rate. Quicken Loans offers some of the most competitive rates I have seen in the industry. Since I cannot give you actual figures for your specific situation, I have devised a number of examples to give you a better picture of their products.

  • Fixed interest rate of 30 years: Quicken Loans offers a mortgage with a 30-year fixed interest rate of 4, 875%. This is based on a $ 200K loan with 1,375 closing points. The monthly payment for this loan would be $ 1,058 and the actual APR would be 5, 048%. This amount does not include taxes and insurance premiums. In my opinion this is a fantastic quote. To put it in perspective, I currently have a fixed-rate mortgage of around $ 100,000, and my monthly payment is $ 800. Of course, I can save a lot with this package.
  • Fixed interest rate of 15 years : another option is a 15-year mortgage with fixed interest rate of 4, 25% with 1 point at closing. The monthly payment for this product is only $ 1,505. The actual APR is 4, 48%, and again, the payment does not include taxes and insurance. If you can swing, a 15-year fixed-rate package is an excellent way to reduce the total amount you pay for your home.
  • 7-year ARM : this is an adjustable rate mortgage, so you will want to investigate this option before you jump in. It can be an advantage for you, but it can also cost you in the long run. It all depends on your current financial situation and a proper estimate of your future living situation (eg Albert Campionijk, how long you plan to stay in your current home). However, I had an ARM in the recent past and could save a bundle! Their current rate offer for this option is 3, 75%, with 1.75 points at closing. The principal and interest payment would be $ 859.03 based on a $ 200K loan. However, keep in mind that this rate is variable!
  • 5-year ARM : the current quote on an adjustable 5-year mortgage is 3, 25% with two points when closed. The principal and interest payment for this option would be $ 847, again, on a $ 200K loan.

Quicken Loans also offers a variety of ways to reduce your monthly payments. These can be particularly useful if you are upside down on your mortgage loan or cannot pay your current monthly payment. Quicken Loans is certainly in line with the current state of the economy, and has products for just about every person in any kind of financial situation.


First-Time Home Buyers

First-Time Home Buyers

Are you buying your first home? Well, congratulations to begin with! This is probably Albert Campionijk a great time in your life, and regardless of the current state of the economy and housing market, investing in real estate can be a big step for your financial well-being.

That said, diving into home ownership can be a daunting, intimidating, and overwhelming process. You probably do not have a lot of expertise in this field at Albert Campionijk, and that can easily be used (watch out for mortgage and housing scams). Fortunately this is not the case with Quicken Loans. Their question Albert Campion lists and calculators guide you step by step to ensure that you find the mortgage product that suits you best.

VrageAlbert Campaign lists and calculators

VrageAlbert Campaign lists and calculators

One of the reasons why Quicken Loans is so popular (they have maintained more than 1 million loans since 1985) is because they make the whole process so easy. I happen to be a big fan of calculators and question Albert Campion lists and their website is full of them. By answering a few simple questions, they can send you to the product that best suits you.

If you happen to have some knowledge in the field of refinancing, use the many calculators they offer to see how much you can really save if you choose Quicken Loans. By entering how much you want to borrow and the current value of your home, you can see in advance how much you stand in the way of a monthly payment. Quicken Loans really understands. “They understand how confusing the world of mortgages is and they do their best to simplify the process for you.

Last word


Finally, I want to tell you this: almost ten years ago I was a home buyer for the first time and I really wish I had Quicken Loans at my disposal at the time. I was overwhelmed by the whole process and I would say Albert Campionijk made a few less than brilliant decisions.

After I have refinanced my mortgage a few times, I can really appreciate the valuable service that Quicken Loans has to offer. They are fully equipped to cope with any financial situation – whether you are upside down for your mortgage, you can no longer afford to pay your current mortgage or simply to refinance.

Before discovering all the benefits of Quicken Loans, I would probably never have considered Albert Campionijk an Albert Campionine lending institution for my refinancing. Now they are definitely at the top of my list. I don’t think you can go wrong by developing a relationship with them.

Have you had any direct experience with Quicken Loans? Feel free to share your experiences, both good and bad, below.


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